I like to think of myself as a trailblazer, setting trends around the net on a near daily basis! Last week was no different as I decided to start using Twitter a micro-blogging site. Twitter lets you type what you’re doing or thinking, as long as it’s 140 characters or less, then people who follow you can read it and typically disregard it.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for as I can usually type what I’m doing in 7 letters “nothing” but I’ve found it quite addictive so far, not so much on posting but just following people. The great thing is how accessible it is, because it’s just text and you can’t type massive essays so you can just dip in and out without wasting massive amounts of time.

I’ve mostly been twittering from the iPhone, there’s several decent twittering apps for the iPhone if you manage to wade through the utter shite that is overflowing from the App Store, the one I decided to go with was TwitterFon, I tried Twinkle but found that too complicated and decided against Tweetie as TwitterFon offered everything I wanted for free! The iPhone 3G was almost made for this job, tap one button to create a twitter post, another to post your current location and another to upload a picture from the camera roll, tap send and it’s up there for everyone to ignore. You can search for popular subjects (trends) like the last week it’s been the snow or on twitter “#uksnow“. You can even search based on location so people nearby are shown.

Now since I’ve started using it all I keep hearing is Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! Radio1 have been talking about it, Kainz has got on there, the BBC keep going on about it, even Charlie Brooker is on there! I’m addicted! Anyway that’s it, feels weird typing more than 140 characters! Plus I’ve got to check my Twitter!!