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Here are some of the photos I’ve been taking recently.

Up until the end of June 2008 I was using a Canon PowerShot S5 IS which I purchased in October 2007. In August 2008 I replaced it with a Canon EOS D450 DSLR which I am trying to get to grips with!

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  • Wimpole Hall

28-06-2008 - Spent a week in Cornwall took a lot of photos here are the ones I liked

Burghley House

24-08-2008 - A day trip to Burghley House, no photos allowed inside, these were the first set of photos I took with my new camera, so the house pics weren't good enough to upload

Swiss Gardens

12-10-2008 - This was my second time at using my new camera and the vast majority of photos came out awful. I don't know if it was the fog, the odd sunlight and shadows or just me not using it right.

Kew Gardens

06/04/2008 - Organised a trip to Kew Gardrens, good weather all week then it decides to snow on the day we go. Very interesting though and took over 200 pics these are some of the better examples.


26/01/08 - I'm not a big gardening fan and I was really just messing around with the camera trying out different settings, I took a lot of photos, these are the 'best'.

Wimpole Hall

16/12/2007 - A trip to Wimpole Hall a National Trust property eight miles south west of Cambridge. The interior of the hall had been decorated in traditional Victorian Christmas decorations, unfortunately no photography allowed inside


14/12/2007 - A day trip to London to see a few sites and get some Christmas shopping out of the way

Stowe Gardens

18-10-2008 - These Stowe Garden pictures came out much better than the Swiss Garden ones

Anglesey Abbey

19-10-2008 - Anglesey Abbey - Lots of autumn colours, some of which I just about managed to capture

Frog in Garden

10-04-2009 - Frog found its way out the pond and was heading out of the garden via the front gate!

Woburn Abbey Gardens

13-03-2009 - Trip to Woburn Abbey Gardens, IMHO the highest percentage of nice photos, very few came out blurred or the wrong colouring

Wrest Park Garden Show

24-05-2009 - Some garden show running at the same time, sneaked off to get some photos, a lot came out rather yellow, an issue with the white balance apparently

Garden in Spring

29-03-2009 - Took a few pics of the garden at the beginning of spring, got a little obsessed chasing a bee around, even using tripod some came out quite blurry

Anglesey Abbey - 2009-02-21

21-02-2009 - Went back to Anglesey Abbey to get pics of the first signs of spring, lots of snow drops, and a few photos from a bird hide

Cambridge University

12-11-2008 - A trip round the Cambridge University buildings and grounds

Bath House

29-11-2008 - A trip to Bath to see the Bath House, it was too cold and I didn't take that many pictures

Whipsnade Zoo

25-09-2009 - A trip to Whipsnade Zoo, was on a Friday so not many people around. Can't even remember the last time I went to a Zoo

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