I like to think of myself as a trailblazer, setting trends around the net on a near daily basis! Last week was no different as I decided to start using Twitter a micro-blogging site. Twitter lets you type what you’re doing or thinking, as long as it’s 140 characters or less, then people who follow you can read it and typically disregard it.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for as I can usually type what I’m doing in 7 letters “nothing” but I’ve found it quite addictive so far, not so much on posting but just following people. The great thing is how accessible it is, because it’s just text and you can’t type massive essays so you can just dip in and out without wasting massive amounts of time.

I’ve mostly been twittering from the iPhone, there’s several decent twittering apps for the iPhone if you manage to wade through the utter shite that is overflowing from the App Store, the one I decided to go with was TwitterFon, I tried Twinkle but found that too complicated and decided against Tweetie as TwitterFon offered everything I wanted for free! The iPhone 3G was almost made for this job, tap one button to create a twitter post, another to post your current location and another to upload a picture from the camera roll, tap send and it’s up there for everyone to ignore. You can search for popular subjects (trends) like the last week it’s been the snow or on twitter “#uksnow“. You can even search based on location so people nearby are shown.

Now since I’ve started using it all I keep hearing is Twitter, Twitter, Twitter! Radio1 have been talking about it, Kainz has got on there, the BBC keep going on about it, even Charlie Brooker is on there! I’m addicted! Anyway that’s it, feels weird typing more than 140 characters! Plus I’ve got to check my Twitter!!

Another new year…

deadtree09Well Christmas is over, and it’s the start of another year, I’m not a big fan of new years, something I believe I mentioned just over 12 months ago.

Funny reading back that 2008 was the year of the MCSE, well I’ve still not done anything about it yet, keep putting it off and work is too busy to make any proper plans. I am a bit more in to taking my pictures of stuff so I guess I can at least say I did something I planned to do!

Overall I’d say 2008 has been a bit shit, and not just because of this self-fulfilling credit crunch crap. I suppose it’s had its ups, but its downs have been more… down than I’d expected or prepared for and have left me kind of low for the last couple of months. Over Christmas I haven’t been able to stop myself imaging how things may have played out had the last couple of months turned out different.

2009 doesn’t look too promising so far. I’ll keep taking photos, and try and save some money for a rainy day or maybe that light at the end of tunnel. But as that famous philosopher John Lennon said (according to Google):

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Still, there are new Star Trek and Harry Potter films this year, and Windows 7… what?!

Happy New Year everyone! \o/

Merry Christmas!


Well it’s nearly Christmas, don’t have to go back to work until Jan 2nd. Done the Christmas shopping, everything has arrived some of it’s wrapped. I put the tree up a couple of weeks ago, so now it’s just a case of relaxing, playing some games, catching up on the Sky+.

Have a good Christmas, and a new year that doesn’t involve you being made redundant! \o/

*tries not to eat too much*

Left 4 Dead

Tomorrow, apart from bringing me another year closer to death, marks the release of a game that has had my attention for the last couple of weeks since I started playing the demo, that game is (obviously) Left4Dead, despite my initial reservations that the game would get old and stale within a couple of plays I’ve so far, according to Steam, spent 10.5 hours in the last two weeks mercilessly slaughtering the living dead, and it has been immense fun! The real ‘fun’ is in the Expert difficulty mode, and until last night survival had alluded us, however after a tactical rethink we got through both demo levels just, although the team has yet to make it to the end without at least one sacrifice.

Going to be an unusually ‘busy’ week. Today at 5pm sees the release of the official HD trailer of the new Star Trek movie, a little nervous of what I’ve seen so far, but I’m getting the feeling it’s going to be a reimagining of the franchise, which will probably upset a lot of fans but bring in a lot more, which is probably what it needs, after all it’s not like the Star Trek movie franchise is a particularly stand out collection!

Tuesday is my birthday, the release of the aforementioned Left4Dead, and I should see the arrival of the components for my new Windows Home Server, my current server is stuffed to the brim with videos, music, photos, and backups. Hopefully with nearly 3TB of disk space it should make live easier storing my data and keeping up to date backups of the family PCs.

Then on Friday we have the release of Need for Speed: Undercover, a guilty pleasure of a game, I really enjoyed Need for Speed: Most Wanted and this game seems to be more of the same, which for me is no bad thing. I just really like the cop chases, no matter how much the AI cheats.

I suppose I should post a follow up to my last post “The Gamble”; well, my hand was forced as I’d suspected it might, as the person announced she was leaving! Took the ‘easy’ route and sent an email, got the nicest let down email I could have hoped for and after a couple of weeks of awkwardness things seem to be settling down.

Christmas leave is booked so it’s now just a case of powering through to mid December. Only 18 working days remain for 2008!

The Gamble

Well the LHC has let me down, here I am, still. The LHC came on did a test run and then promptly broke and with an 8 month repair time it looks I have no choice but to do something about these feelings I have for the person at work.

After months of consideration on the exact wording of what I should say, I’ve still not said anything to her. I’ve mentioned it to another person in the office but they didn’t drop the easy answers I was hoping for like “Oh, she’s married with two kids” or “Oh, she really likes you to!” or “She hates your guts!”.

I suppose the obvious issue is do I want to know the answer to my question? Right now after a crap day at work (such as today) I get that fuzzy feeling from the constant what-ifs running around in my head, but if I ask, then what? She might say yes, I think she’ll probably say no for all the reasons I’ve already mentioned. Plus obviously there will then be the embarrassment of seing her after she’s said no. Do I really want to have to go through that? Especially when there’s a walking, talking advert of why I shouldn’t say anything playing out right next door.

This issue is far and away the most stressful thing I’ve had to do, it even tops having to recite T.S. Eliots Macavity the mystery cat to the whole class in middle school.

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