Waiting and more waiting…

This is my first entry to hopefully it should be ok…

As some people will know I am not a patient person, when I buy something whether it be the xbox or a powerlead I wanted it yesterday!

The first thing I pre-registered for was SkyHD beginning of the year. Mid March I got an email saying that I can now pre-order which I did, then I had to wait until beginning of April for the order confirmation and installation date which is the 25th of May. So now its just the wait for it to be installed. I’m not much of a football fan but I am looking forward to seeing the BBC World Cup England games in HD.

The second thing I am waiting for is my new car, apparently because of the options I selected I have to wait 12weeks before it’s ready. I was “ok” with this until I was watching fifth gear and they had a guy go into the Maybach dealers in London (Maybach are an ultra luxury car) and the presenter decided to price himself up a car, custom made all the wood finishes, and the hand made seats It was going to cost £250k to buy and he asked how long it would take, he was told… 12weeks! It must be those Spanish siestas that make it take so long.

Oh well only another 66 days 🙁

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