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2009 a year in review

How was 2009? Well it was absolutely crap! It seems the closing months of 2008 were a teaser of what was to come…

I think the blog has probably suffered in 2009, not just because of Twitter but as it became a bit [more] of a receptacle for my ramblings about life, so what better way of starting 2010 than to ramble on about my life in 2009. Cheaper than a psychologist I suppose!

Work was a bit slow in 2009, the recession has had an effect on the company and we’ve had a couple of rounds of redundancies which doesn’t do much for morale. Plus our three year server replacement schedule which should have seen me rushed off my feet was postponed. In April our IT department grew to three people which made it a lot easier to focus on work without the constant interruptions of having to deal with support calls. The new person? She was a bit talkative but got us all chatting and joking around a lot more, but unfortunately due to job insecurity and a better job offer she decided to move on and left in October. The lack of major work probably been for the best as I’ve had a few months of being too pre-occupied with other things and unable to concentrate, I shudder to think what I’d have broken if I had been going round our offices replacing servers!

Fortunately there was plenty of escapism from the ‘real world’ at the Cinema. Star Trek was much better than I’d hoped and while Transformers 2 wasn’t great, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was brilliant and really looking forward to the last two, even if that means it’s the end. I have to say seeing them at the IMAX with a theatre full of fans really adds something to the experience. In December went to see “2012” at the Bedford Cinema, seriously awful place now, completely run down, it ruined an already weak film. It says a lot when I’d rather spend nearly £60 and a 4hour round trip going to London BFI IMAX than pay £5 to see films in my home town! Have yet to see Avatar, wanted to see that at the IMAX in 3D but don’t think I’m going to get around to it.

Gaming in 2009 was pretty slow, almost no games I was interested in for most of the year. Fortunately the later half of 2009 saw Uncharted 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Left4Dead 2 released, all excellent games, L4D2 especially nearly caused me a heart attack a few weeks ago with the stress of one of the campaigns final missions! Plus thanks to some super Steam sales I’ve grabbed Red Faction: Guerilla, Batman Arkham Asylum, The Crysis Pack, and Mass Effect 1. Hopefully 2010 will bring a few more new games. Looking forward to Mass Effect 2, and Natural Selection 2 the sequel to one of my all time favourite multiplayer games.

Beginning of August Kainz got me looking at Apple Macs again, my previous experience hadn’t been that great, but I decided to go for it anyway. I’ve already written a blog entry for my new Mac experience but as something of an update I’m still very happy with my purchase, I’ve been using it over Christmas and hardly turned my PC on except to play a few games. It does annoy me that while all the Apple stuff “just works” it can’t be bent or twisted to work the way I want it to work! Hopefully the new Apple iTablet/iSlate device coming out will either not interest me or be way too expensive, otherwise I’ll end up getting that to.

Been a bit annoyed with myself regarding my photography, missed a couple of decent opportunities to go out and take some nice pictures. I have been out a few times this year and most recently went to Rutland Waters and the surrounding area, was a bit rainy but got some good pictures. Still not getting the quality I’d hoped for when I got the D450, I think I said it last year but I blame myself! Really need to read and practice more and spend time getting the shot right. Can’t really afford any nice new lenses but hope to get the so called ‘nifty fifty’ as apparently that is good value for money. Hoping to get a printer in 2010 so I can print a few out and put them up, need to perfect my post processing first though.

Ever since I was a kid, home was my haven, no matter what crap was going on outside of those 4 walls I’d could always go home and get away from it all, relax, and be myself. In 2009 that ended. I’d always thought my parents were chalk and cheese together but Christmas 2008 had been worse than normal, and in late February my dad walked out. Since then it’s been a case of keeping my head down, getting on with things, and trying not to upset anyone. Although I’m saving money it seems unlikely I’ll have enough to buy a place of my own any time soon, especially now house prices are back on the rise. Difficult to see how I should move on, but hopefully something shall reveal itself, I already won £6.10p on EuroMillions so the only way is up!!

So that’s my crap year. I’m not expecting much from 2010 either but hope that it will at least get back in to some kind of order that I can move on with in 2011!

Canon EOS 450D

New Camera, no new pics… yet

So I only bought my bridge camera, a Canon PowerShot S5 IS in October last year but I’ve already just gone and replaced it with a proper dSLR, a Canon EOS 450D.

Reason for replacing it was that I really enjoyed taking pics on holiday in Cornwall back in June but was frustrated as I wanted easier control on the manual settings. Spent the last few months reading reviews and peoples opinions on different cameras and in the end I went with the 450D as it was quite a modern camera had a pretty high spec (for an entry dSLR) and I felt the live view might be useful as I’m used to using the LCD screen on my S5.

Problem is ever since I’ve bought it, it’s pissed down with rain at every opportunity so I’ve had very little chance to take any proper pictures. Hopefully the weather will sort itself out in the window between now and winter.

New Photo Gallery

whompingwillow.jpgThis is just a quick message to say that after getting my new digital camera back in October I’ve finally got round to going out and taking some pictures with it. The first trip was to London on Friday where we did a little sight seeing then went round the usual shopping areas for some tedious Christmas shopping. The second place was Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, bloody freezing in the UK winter weather but was fun to take some pictures of something interesting!

I’ll add photos as and when I’ve got something interesting to add, in the meantime feel free to look at the pictures